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13-07-2011 Eco Design Trend: Driftwood Interiors

As part of a move towards living more sustainable lifestyles, interior designers are influencing the demand for the use of natural, organic woods such as driftwood. The style result: furnishing and finishes that are aged and untreated. Style aficionados are abandoning the cleanliness of the popular minimalist style and are seeking something more interesting, according to Germany’s Heimtextil Trends. “People are looking for distinctive individualistic features marked by imperfection, not perfection,” they say. A forerunner in this eco trend is French manufacturer, the Bleu Nature who offer a very unconventional wall made from driftwood. The ends of the wood logs form a relief, much like pixels on a screen. Rustic at its best.

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04-05-2011 Island-inspired Lounges Fit for Paradise

Furniture designer, Clayton Tugunon has called on his childhood experiences to design a Pacific island-inspired collection of seating for Snug Furniture. Designing “from the gut,” Tugunon has utilised coconut twigs, rattan and wood to manufacture each low-slung seat. The pieces are labelled ‘Lounge Chairs’ or ‘Love Seats,’ perfectly describing their flowing, organic forms and lack of legs. These qualities combined with an unusual, highly polished finish evokes being waited on in idyllic scenery. Not a bad design trend to perpetuate more good times.


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30-03-2010 Skis Too Good for Skiing

Here’s a unique collection of skis and snowboards guaranteed to stand out on the slopes this winter. David Mazzarella has been designing skis and snowboards for 10 years - starting in his spare bedroom in Colorado and some years later, establishing his own company SkiLogic.  Not only will these skis give you the technical edge, they are works of art in themselves, hand crafted in wood veneers with natural colour designed by artist in residence Mariella. Find out more at




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