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24-06-2010 Tap out!

The masses are demanding to be given tap! It’s quite a simple idea really. How can you stay hydrated when you’re out and about without splurging on bottled water? This is how they came up with the idea of free access to clean sustainable water in public places. We already have projects like TapIt in the United States and Give me Tap in Manchester, UK. Restaurant or cafe owners sign up as providers and can be tracked down via a mapping service. Anyone who carries the branded life-time aluminium bottles can fill up at these ‘stops’. Give me Tap sends 70% of its profits to independent water projects in Africa. It will save money, the environment, your health and keep everything sustainable. Who won’t drink or tap to that?

reusable aluminium water bottle with benefits


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15-02-2010 Water waste in your face.

If you really want to clean up your act regarding your excessive water usage, then Trendspotting has found the perfect innovation for you, in the form of a bathroom mirror that is ever so in your face. Designer Jin Kim’s Earth Mirror is lit with LEDs powered by the flow of water in the sink pipes. The mirror acts like a chart, and as you use the taps, it breaks down your water consumption into daily, monthly and annual use. If dark colours appear around the rim of the mirror, you have exceeded the reasonable amount of water consumption for the day. If this isn’t enough to guilt you into changing your water ways, pictures of polar bears and ecosystems pop up around the mirror, and other things that are affected by our water misuse. Yet not only does this invention tell you if you are a water waster, it allows one to act on this problem – the Earth Mirror has a control installed that lets you choose the amount of water that’s allowed to come out of the tap every day. Perfect!


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15-05-2009 Drink for the future

Re-usable eco-friendly water bottles are the newest way that you can help the environment’s future. Hygienic, durable and leak-proof, these 100% recyclable bottles are perfect for all types of beverages, whether it be water, juice or soft drink. Companies such as SIGG and Klean Kanteen have created the non-toxic and

dishwasher-safe containers. A number of designs are available, as well as bottles for kids, so the whole family can get on board. The future of the environment depends on us, so help by grabbing one of these cool and

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classy canteens.


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30-03-2009 Bottled Water or Tap Water?

It’s the time old adage of bottled water versus tap water. But with more awareness over reducing our energy use and

greenhouse gas emissions and more concern over the future of our environment, people are starting to pay attention to researchers who are discovering that bottled water uses 2000 times more energy than tap water. Particularly of concern is how bottled water requires long-distance transportation, this requiring more energy than bottled water which is produced locally. So rather than leave a huge ecological footprint on the environment, think twice before you reach for that heavily packaged six pack bottle of water and think of the soothing sounds of water running from a tap.

Bottled Water










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26-03-2009 Bathtub Tranquility

There’s nothing quite as relaxing as a good bath, a fact that German manufacturer Käsch cater for with their array of different bathtubs. Designed to instill a serene and spiritual bathing experience, the company offers a variety of choices, including free stand tubs carved from stone. A more unique design is that of their built in bathtubs, which overflow and then direct the water back into the tub, embracing the illusion of bathing under a waterfall and connecting you with nature without leaving your own bathroom. What could be more relaxing than that?

Overflowing bathtub









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