19-08-2011 Leave Your Message After...Nothing

You know when you’re preoccupied brushing your teeth or driving your car and antiallergic there’s no way you can start tapping at your smart phone to send that SMS message? But you need to! Now there’s an efficient solution using HeyTell, a cross-platform voice messenger application. Once downloaded, all you need to record a message for your friends and tenoretic family to hear is hold down a button. It’s a lifestyle trend that’s spreading like wildfire as users of Androids and the Apple I collection are able to connect in a more fun or even urgent nature. Now the only problem is getting your voice message across through all the foaming toothpaste in your mouth.

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09-08-2010 Do the Funky Headphone

We’re about to let you in on a little secret. Are you ready for it? Headphones don’t need to be boring! Not with such interesting package designs like earphones presented in the shape of music notes from Panasonic. For something with a little more attitude, you can opt for these cute and affordable LEGO brick earphones from Elecom. They are about to be released in Japan and come in an irresistible collection of colours. If you’re super keen, you can channel your inner child and create your own LEGO headphones for that retro, unique edge.

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22-07-2010 Superhero Clothing Fibres

While we’re still living our lives out normally, (ie. wearing clothes that don’t have interactive fibres with special superhero powers), scientists are busy coming up with…well, super interactive fibres. Just like the latest one, which has the ability to detect and create sound. Sure it took them ten years to come up with, but they are now looking at fabrics that can interact with their environment. Think clothes with microphone features, if it doesn’t boggle the mind too much. They can generate electricity and can even be used to monitor the flow of water. In fact, the possibilities are endless! Guess this t-shirt I’m wearing doesn’t seem quite so cool now.


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03-06-2010 Electric Cars go Mainstream

Some cars aren’t all bad for the environment, especially innovative electric cars. To make a point of this, BetterPlace is an electric vehicles service provider that aims to bring sustainable transportation to the world. Two examples include the I-Miev from Mitsubishi and the Leaf from Renault/Nissan. The i-Miev produces 70% less Carbon Dioxide emissions than other petrol-powered vehicles. The Nissan Leaf boasts an even more impressive benchmark with zero emissions and an affordable price tag to boot. Powered completely with lithium-ion batteries, quality is not compromised in a bid to do its bit for the environment.

Image Source www.nissan-global.com

Content Source www.betterplace.com


03-06-2010 Dose of Reality for Twitterers

You can ‘Facebook attend’ an event which, as most people know, is quite different to ‘real life’ attendance. But did you know that now the tech nerds have cleverly designed a way for you to send real life gifts via the medium of Twitter, even if you don’t know the person’s address? The clever folk at Mashable have compiled a list of the various websites that, with just a credit card and access to Twitter, allows you to send gifts of all shapes and sizes to your online buddies! This is an interesting take on how online social mediums are starting to practically filter into our everyday lives. Now you just sit back and wait for the sweet gifts to come flooding in (hopefully).

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30-04-2010 Fresh and Filtered Water on the Go

Almost everyone you see at the moment is walking around carrying a water bottle, but now you can enjoy fresh, filtered water in a beautifully designed bottle for weeks at a time. Karim Rashid has designed these environmentally friendly, colourful bottles made of recycled plastic with a built in carbon water filter, so now you can refill your bottle wherever you are straight from the nearest tap! The bobble water bottle is available in six funky colours including red, green, blue, magenta, black and yellow.


Image Source www.trendhousedesign.com/


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13-04-2010 Let your Fingers Pay the Bills

No money? Forgotten your credit card and want to buy a drink or snack from a vending machine? No problem – well in Japan anyway! New technology links your finger print with your credit card details and by simply scanning your finger you can buy what you need from these specially designed vending machines. Everyone has a unique finger print so this technology is foolproof and cannot be forged. Let’s wait and see whether this technology takes off and we start being able to pay everywhere with our fingers.


Image Source: JapanTrends.com

Content Source: JapanTrends.com



28-11-2008 Need Fuel? Just Do it yourself...

How hard could it be to economically produce your own clean burning 100% biodiesel fuel? This Biodiesel Processor from BioPro150 is a compact, stainless steel industrial-grade processor that converts organic oils into an alternative biodiesel through acid/base catalysed chemical reactions. Okay, let’s break that down for the technically challenged. It’s basically a large machine that performs handy, fuel-related wonders - simply fill it with filtered, dewatered vegetable oil or tallow, add methanol (8 gallons), lye and a catalyst, then walk away. Waste water is manually drained after each wash cycle. The rest of the process is handled automatically. The end result? 40 gallons of clean, smooth running biodiesel fuel at an end cost of $1.25 USD per gallon. Fuel for dummies!


Picture from: www.diybiodiesel.com

19-11-2008 Fridges for Flatsharing

For anyone who has ever had a roommate, the difficulties of fridge sharing can be a problem. Designer Stefan Buchberger’s Flatshare provides a solution. This modular fridge caters especially for roommate households, with a base station and up to four individual, stackable compartments allowing for everyone to have their own refrigerator space. Handles on each of the modules allow for easy transport if you move house, and each compartment can be customized with various colourful skins. There are also add-on’s that can be attached, such as a bottle opener or whiteboard, just like any other refrigerator, only better!

24-07-2008 Long Live the Battery Life

It’s a beautiful, sunny day outside and you’re out for a jog. Suddenly your iPod runs out of power and you’re breathless with no audio accompaniment. Sakku feels your pain. So why not charge it as you go? The Sakku solar bag features integrated solar panels, allowing you to recharge your iPod, phone or digital camera as you move. Solar cells transform into solar radiation and the converted electrical energy runs through the connected device. Aesthetically, the bags are made up of recycled sails from sail boats. For less sunny days, there’s the sakku akku, with an integrated rechargeable battery, leaving you to continue on your merry way.

For more about Sakku check out Spot On Eco!


 Picture from: www.sakku.ch

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