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Trendspotting - Your guide to latest trends

03-05-2010 Shoes Glorious Shoes

Imelda Marcos and Carrie Bradshaw shared a love of shoes, in fact Imelda had more than 2,700 pairs of them. They both would have loved the virtual shoe museum established by Liza Snook in 2004 for women and men who love shoes. From flip flops, pumps, platform, pumps and ballerina shoes, this is a website celebrating shoes of every description from the kooky to the sophisticated. Showcasing designers from around the world and in conjunction with photographers, publishers and anyone with a connection to shoes, this is the definitive shoe shop of the virtual world.


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25-03-2010 Put Your Best Shoe Forward

  Who would have thought that high tech sports shoes such as Nike Dunks would become the next fashion “must haves”? Once worn by basket ball players alone these low profile shoes were great for pivoting and balancing on court. Now it seems these durable, versatile shoes are the latest trend when it comes to partying, skateboarding and

hanging out. There are countless models of Nike Dunks Sb available from highs, lows, mids and

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jourdunks. You can even have them custom colour matched to your outfit.  It’s easy to see the appeal of a stand out shoe that will take you from the court to the party in comfort and


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24-03-2010 Give Wet Feet the Boot

 Wellies and gum boots may be practical when it comes to wet weather but they’ve never really made a fashion statement. Now Rosie Roo designer wellies are the perfect addition to any wardrobe. Not only do they come in gorgeous, fun and vibrant designs, they are also comfortable and made from high quality rubber with cotton lining and foam inner soles. The Pipduck range of designer wellies mesh award winning, hand printed designs with quality, waterproof and comfortable boots. These boots are highly sought after around the world with a special designs being created just for Paul Smith and Thomas Pink. You’ll want the rain to go on forever, just so you can wear these fabulous boots.

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15-02-2010 Twitter while Tapping

“Kate is eating a carrot.” Great. “Steve is feeding his cat.” Fascinating. Everyone, it’s time to get back at all those Twitterers that post extremely boring, unnecessary tweets. Introducing our new best friend, the Rambler Shoes. So what do these shoes do? They do what their name suggests – they ramble. Equipped with a Bluetooth which is hooked up to your mobile, and a sensor that knows when you are walking, the Ramblers automatically let your fellow Twitterers know that you are taking a step, after a step, after a step. So, your annoying tweet on Twitter will look a little something like this – “tap...tap...tap tap... tap,” and so on. Yes, it’s useless information, but then again, aren’t most Twitter posts unnecessary?


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27-04-2009 Tribal Fashion

Bright colours, patterns and fringe shoes are dominating the catwalks, with ethnic inspired shoes making a strong appearance. Louis Vuitton has particularly embraced this trend with a ‘spicy shoe’ collection inspired from Africa. The key to getting these outrageous animal print patterns to work is wearing a bold, killer attitude to match. The more beads and woven trinkets involved the better textural contrast you have as a result. This latest trend for spring/summer 09 really demonstrates how one accessory can make all the difference!



08-12-2008 Footwear now comes with its own Lifeguard

Why step out into a flood of rain and ruin those perfect, expensive shoes, when you can use Swims instead? Scandinavian founder Johan travelled the world and found that he accumulated many ruined pairs of shoes from living in cities characterised by brutal weather and rain. Surprised that no one had thought of it first, he developed SWIMS, a Scandinavian company known for making the modern and stylish galosh! The benefits include enhanced comfort, practicality and shoes that remain shiny – a guarantee! The City Slipper high heel has just been released and fits the shoe like a stylish yet simple glove. With practical and aesthetic designs, slipping it on before you rush out the door will become second nature.

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