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25-03-2010 Put Your Best Shoe Forward

  Who would have thought that high tech sports shoes such as Nike Dunks would become the next fashion “must haves”? Once worn by basket ball players alone these low profile shoes were great for pivoting and balancing on court. Now it seems these durable, versatile shoes are the latest trend when it comes to partying, skateboarding and hanging out. There are countless models of Nike Dunks Sb available from highs, lows, mids and jourdunks. You can even have them custom colour matched to your outfit.  It’s easy to see the appeal of a stand out shoe that will take you from the court to the party in comfort and style.


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25-08-2008 Banking on Beer

Ever dreamt of running your own company? BeerBankRoll is the answer. BeerBankRoll is based around the concept of a community coming together and creating a company, in this case a brewery. Members are entitled to make decisions about BeerBankRoll’s products, whether it is logos, advertising or names. After selling beer, the profit is divided amongst members via reward points, charity, and back into the company. With the intention of eventually opening a brewery and pub, this is one website that allows budding entrepreneurs the chance to shine.

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21-08-2008 A Pipe to Crash

Take a portion of a large drainage pipe, fill it with a bed and

some homely decorations and

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enjoy the result - a practical outdoor sleeping space. Austrian Art College graduate Andreas Strauss set out to create an economical and
minimal-hospitality unit. Set in the grassy park by the Danube, in the Austrian city of Ottensheim, the pods are conveniently positioned near bathrooms, a bar and a cafeteria. Book a ‘room’ online and codes for the personal pod suite are sent via post. Wandering students will love that there’s no fixed price. Simply leave whatever amount you find fair for your length of stay, before setting off on your next adventure.

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24-07-2008 Long Live the Battery Life

It’s a beautiful, sunny day outside and you’re out for a jog. Suddenly your iPod runs out of power and you’re breathless with no audio accompaniment. Sakku feels your pain. So why not charge it as you go? The Sakku solar bag features integrated solar panels, allowing you to recharge your iPod, phone or digital camera as you move. Solar cells transform into solar radiation and the converted electrical energy runs through the connected device. Aesthetically, the bags are made up of recycled sails from sail boats. For less sunny days, there’s the sakku akku, with an integrated rechargeable battery, leaving you to continue on your merry way.

For more about Sakku check out Spot On Eco!


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