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13-05-2011 ABC, Take a Seat on Me

Furniture designers are retreating back into the core of design history when graphic designers would create typography for magazines by hand. Take a seat on Helvetica, for example? Palette Industries’ designers used a polished black ‘h’ to form the structure of a chair while the rounded hook of an ‘f’ became a lamp. Other great examples for typography in furniture design are LifeSpaceJourney’s range of unique chairs, Tabisso's lounge chairs  and the Dhama Lounge. Its message ‘Stand, forget, breathe, acknowledge and observe’ keeps the owner’s backside off the seat and is an ode to design as art.


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04-05-2011 Island-inspired Lounges Fit for Paradise

Furniture designer, Clayton Tugunon has called on his childhood experiences to design a Pacific island-inspired collection of seating for Snug Furniture. Designing “from the gut,” Tugunon has utilised coconut twigs, rattan and wood to manufacture each low-slung seat. The pieces are labelled ‘Lounge Chairs’ or ‘Love Seats,’ perfectly describing their flowing, organic forms and lack of legs. These qualities combined with an unusual, highly polished finish evokes being waited on in idyllic scenery. Not a bad design trend to perpetuate more good times.


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03-02-2011 Eco-deco your home

If you have a lot of ‘junk’ lying around your house and no idea what to do with it, Mark and Sally Bailey’s “Recycled Home” book is a must-read. This couple have an eye for decorating and a knack for recycling. Through photos and

explanations, they show their readers how to turn old furniture, clothes, and flooring into household items and

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features. They are experts in transforming old or unloved household objects to the point where they become masterpieces. These authors will inspire you to decorate your home in an eco-friendly, cost-effective, and creative way. Follow their lead and
you may end up with a one-of-a-kind home and people asking for the name of your decorator!

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Content Source: http://ecofriendlyfashion.blogspot.com

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12-01-2010 Savvy Chairs from Vespa Spares

In a time where society is becoming more and more conscious of the need to become actively eco-friendly, so too are many designers. This includes the Spanish design studio Bel & Bel. “Recycling is no doubt our starting point,” the team says, who are now combining “reused materials… to make objects such as furniture, lighting, appliances… and other utilities to build sustainable housing.” This is evident in the studio’s handmade leather chairs, which are created by combining parts of old Vespas – primarily the bike’s front and leg shields. The beautiful little Italian bike, known for its negative impact on the environment, is now being recycled- converted into furniture and art. Call it what you will, Bel & Bel’s Vespa chairs are contemporary, comfortable, and keeps the environment in mind.






05-03-2009 Walking on Leather Belts

Only in London could you find mosaic floors made entirely from leather belts. Ting London has come up with the concept of using their recycled leather belts as a way of tiling floors. Originally the concept was a mat with the same recycled belts but the concept has since evolved to bigger and brighter ambitions. Check out the latest modular floor tiles, fabricated with vintage leather, it provides a sleek, alternative look with no two tiles ever looking the same. It’s a unique way to decorate a floor, with each reincarnated belt telling a different story...

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18-02-2009 Sleeping on Cloud Nine

Relax. Your bed is like a cloud. Private Cloud may resemble a giant rocking chair but the good news is it’s really your own private rocking bed! Designed by German Manuel Kloker, this cloud bed sways when you touch it and with two back plates that maintain the tilted angle, owners of the Private Cloud can well and truly profit from this unique bedding experience. It takes up a bit more space than a normal bed, but surely a bit of space is worth the sacrifice to revolutionise the way you sleep (among other things).

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05-02-2009 Miss Cardboard

French graphic artist and designer Miss Julia is renowned for exploring the many possibilities offered by recycled paper products and cardboard as an art form. Her cardboard Design Cubes are the latest offering of functional cardboard design. This funky design is useful for storing DVDs, CDs and books, or simply as an interesting household object. The Marseille based designer has created some very fun and intriguing products using cardboard, all of which are stunningly designed whilst remaining practical. Who knew cardboard could be so versatile? Miss Julia, that’s who.

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27-01-2009 The Love Sofa

The Baobab Loveseat is the newest creation to come from young Mexican Industrial Designer Christian Vivanco. Modelled on the idea of the giant Baobab trees, which store water inside their swollen trunks to endure drought, this sofa welcomes you with its protective shell, promising to envelop you in comfort. This lounge practically begs you to lie down and take the place of water in the Baobab. It is a result from Vivanco’s experiments with surfaces and rhythm, and is a continuous development of the value of mass and volume. Feel at one with nature and peacefulness with this particular chair.

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16-01-2009 Think Outside the Box

Almost anything can be turned into something new and fabulous these days. Milk crates are proving no exception, with numerous re-imaginings of the plastic boxes existing as various home furniture pieces that maximize storage space and also look great. The Milk Crate Stool is Tasmanian Simon Ancher’s design, with the addition of a simple wooden top creating a comfortable seat. Naty Moskovich’s Box Life line is dedicated to re-using milk crate boxes for furniture and MADE has even created a block style chandelier. Clever, cool and a cheap alternative, there’s no limit to what these boxes can be made into.

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12-01-2009 Nobody does it better

Nobody tackles furniture quite like Nobody and Co. By turning the handle of their Scroll Table, seven different motifs roll under the crystal surface, adding a beautiful touch to your dining experience. The Comfort Table has distinctive caved in spaces to serve as armrests. Reading has never been so easy with the Bibliochaise, a chair built into book shelves. There’s even something for the quirky cook, with the Il Buddino, a single dose pudding mould that’s shaped like a sitting Buddha. With Nobody and Co furniture, your house is sure to be the most unique and stylish on the block.



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