24-01-2011 Brighten up your home

Who would have thought lampshades could be so interesting? Combine a simple lampshade with two creative designers from the Sunshine Coast and imuran the result is a design trend that can uplift every room. Seven Dandelions sells a range of original, hand crafted lampshades that will be a great addition to the décor of your home. These designers believe that lampshades can change the feel of a room and eulexin as such, they have produced lampshades for every taste. They have retro, floral, and child-friendly themes for their prints. Look closely and you will see the incredible detail and embellishment that goes into each design. The Seven Dandelions website has an online store and plenty of information about the label.

Image Source: www.frankie.com.auhttp://sevendandelions.com

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25-11-2010 Muji the Japanese Ikea

Muji. The Japanese Ikea. Minimalism is its motto. So in keeping with the minimalist feel, I won’t say too much more on that. Except that you can read more about their motto here. Not only do they keep it simple, they also keep it eco friendly. They refuse to use harmful materials and packaging is kept to a minimum. Check out their unisex ankle socks made from recycled yarn. Available in an assortment of cool and crazy colours, they are a super comfy way to get the addiction started. Using recycled cardboard, unbleached cotton and practicing sustainable forestry, you can be sure your furniture and clothing from Muji comes from a good place. 

Image  Source: www.thedailygreen.comwww.momastore.org

Content Source: www.muji.uswww.businessweek.com

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10-11-2010 Vintage Paperweights

Keep paper where it should be with collectible, limited edition Woodland Animal paperweights from Mirjami Design. Individually handmade, these unique creations have their own look and come in the form of owls, mice and shrews. Made with British woollen fabrics and stuffed with recycled polyester and steel pellets to keep them settled on the page. Laura Mirjami has been creating animals from vintage Finnish fabrics and is constantly on the hunt for rare, vintage fabrics, which she uses to create adorable pieces with individuality and flair. I’m personally a fan of the wide-eyed owls with their cute, pondering expressions. 

Image Source: www.notonthehighstreet.com

Content Source: www.mirjamidesign.com

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29-10-2010 High Fashion Kitchen Utensils

Italian designer Alberto Alessi believes that ‘a true work of design must be able to move people…to go against the grain’. Following in the footsteps of his mantra, the Alessi brand is iconic for everyday items that inspire, surprise, trigger memories and convey feelings. Alessi is known for taking ordinary tools and objects, specialising in kitchen utensils, and designing them in a way that elevates the objects to a level of high fashion. The popular spiderlike lemon squeezer is a must-have item for its clever ingenuity. Alessi flagship stores are expanding around the world, so keep an eye out for this iconic brand.

Image Source: www.squidoo.com

Content Source: www.alessi.com


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25-10-2010 Let it Be

Dearest ‘Be’ chair, where have you been all my life? Here’s a chair that responds to the way you sit and move, no matter what you’re doing. It’s a multi-posture, multi-mode task chair – and it’s a world first! Created by Formway, the Be chair is so intuitive; it’s almost as human as you. It offers you support and freedom by naturally responding to your movements. The design comes as a response to accommodate the changing workplace environment. The chair is also linked to supporting both mind and body, helping us to communicate better, promoting wellbeing and ergonomics. So be supported, be comfortable, just…be.

Image Source: www.indesignlive.com

Content Source: www.formway.comwww.designawards.com.au

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15-10-2010 It is Raining Tennis Balls!

Brooklyn based designer Hugh Hayden is no stranger to designs featuring tennis balls. Having fashioned tennis ball racquets for Lacoste’s boutique window display at the 2010 US Open, he then went on to create limited edition furniture like the HEX Tennis Chair and the HEX Tennis Dog Bed – a chair and dog bed made entirely of tennis balls. Both are constructed in a sustainable manner using recycled tennis balls. Surprisingly, the tennis balls create a very ergonomic experience. He has since gone on to create handbags, a raining cloud tennis ball cupcake in the Little Cupcake Bakeshop in Brooklyn and much more!



Image Source: www.yatzer.com

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15-10-2010 Flo Rider

We do love single devices with multiple functions. Enter the Flo Water Deflector and Faucet Cover from Boon Inc, which diverts the flow of water from the faucet for a gentle water flow. Handily enough it also comes with a protective covering to help guard against injury. Its third function is to dispense bubble bath! It’s easy to attach, inexpensive and fun to use. Simply watch the water extend to create a gentle waterfall effect, making rinsing hair easy. Go with the Flo! 




Image Source: http://smartmomma.com

Content Source: http://booninc.com

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12-10-2010 We Love Pico!

Meet Pico. He has a camera for one eye and a projector for another. He smiles alright, but his smile serves the dual purpose of being a microphone as well. But wait! There’s more! Pico also comes with fold-out feet so he can stand on his own. Plug a tripod in him (in an questionably placed port) so he can feel special and sturdy wherever he goes. We feel like we love Pico. It’s a shame he has to be sold by the dozens. Designed by Rene Woo-Ram Lee, Pico is sure to be both a design and functionality success!




Image Source: www.engadget.com

Content Source: www.lostateminor.comhttp://renelee.net/category/rene/

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08-10-2010 Easy Sofa Pillow Hybrid

Easy living? Sure, bring some of it over. Oh, ‘easy living’ isn’t portable you say? Are you sure about that? Maybe you need to check out the Blandito. It’s all about functionality for the lazy. Why shouldn’t a sofa morph into a pillow that morphs into various shapes to serve different purposes? Exactly! It has every right to. Designed by Oradaria design, the Blandito is a sofa with no arms or legs. In fact, it looks more like a big fat bendy pillow. Fold it, twist it, get lost in and wrap yourself in it. Multi purposed and multi talented, you’ll spend hours coming up with unique shapes and uses!

Image Source: www.bahance.net

Content Source: www.oradariadesign.com


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17-09-2010 Cable Heroes

Nobody likes to see dark, eerie cables snaking around the floor or office space. They get in the way; ruin the ambience and murder the feng shui of the room. Luckily, there’s a solution to this dull and ugly technologically wired massacre. Cue the Leaf tie from Lufdesign. It’s small, it’s cute, it’s easy to use and it wraps around the cables, giving your space a more aesthetic appearance that looks like wrapped twigs. They also come in different colours while they bring more green in (they were so popular!). Oh and for those who like a bit of spaghetti with their cables, The Fork is another product from Lufdesign. The cables wrap around the fork just like real spaghetti.

Who’s hungry?

Image Source: www.yankodesign.com

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