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Trendspotting - Your guide to latest trends

26-11-2008 Interview with Poketo!

Everybody should experience and appreciate the beauty of art. This is the thought that Ted Vadakan and Angie Myung had in mind when they teamed up to create Poketo. Taking art and appropriating it onto accessories, apparel and décor, Poketo allows the ordinary person to experience the beauty of art in everyday life. The duo are creating a stir, collaborating with over 100 artists to incorporate new prints and being commissioned by museums to create unique and exclusive products. Trendspotting spoke with the designers and
gained insight into the mindset of these two artistic entrepreneurs.

26-11-2008 Interview with Jos van der Meulen

It’s astounding what you can create when you really put your mind to it. Jos van der Meulen puts more than just his mind into his creations but also his heart, reinventing cast-off things and

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giving them new and
different lives. With a motto like ‘Use everyday life to beautify everyday life!’ you can imagine the results of his genius are odd, extraordinary products and objects like paper bags made from unused billboard posters sewn together to produce sturdy, useful accessories for everyday use. Trendspotting had a chat with Jos to learn more about what inspires a man who searches for wasted and forgotten materials in order to breathe life back into them and discovers along the way that you can’t take a man’s lunchbox from him...

26-11-2008 Interview with David Trubridge

It’s not everyday that a cultural designer lists ‘writing’ as the greatest invention of all time but David Trubridge is not your average designer. Not one for taking small steps, David is constantly taking his work to new levels, taking inspiration from his surroundings and from all his various adventures around the world. He predicts that the world will look different in 15 years – either we wise up or we perish. Not much has changed since his days as a youngster making ships out of used matchsticks. David remains fascinated with wood, boats and recycled materials, his aesthetic designs continuing to permeate with the influential ‘wild empty landscape’. Trendspotting took David aside to find out what else makes this savvy designer tick.