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27-10-2008 Humanism Marries Problem-Solving With Francesca Lanzavecchia

Francesca Lanzavecchia, a designer inspired by imperfection, shows us how to be a dreamer while adopting a practical approach to life’s problems. Francesca maintains a problem-solver attitude, equipped with a personal touch. Her work is tainted with an emotional and intangible fascination for humanism, seen in designs that embrace human connections like the

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Lightmate and a thesis project ‘pro aesthetics’ which changes our perception of disability, reproducing and personalizing common medical accessories. Francesca brings a fresh new perspective on tried and tested design lore, breaking down social stigma in the

27-10-2008 Interview with Lisa Muhr

It’s all about happiness for Lisa Muhr. The Austrian designer’s line of clothing Goddess of Happiness aims to pursue a campaign of social responsibility and reminding women that feeling good is not just about what’s on the outside. The happiness and equality of women around the world is a major desire for the Goddess of Happiness clothing brand, and with clothes made from entirely sustainable fabrics, its eco friendly as well. Trendspotting talks with Lisa Muhr to uncover the intricacies of her idea of happiness.

27-10-2008 Interview with Jo Szczepanska

Jo Szcepanska has a lot to be proud of. The Honours in Industrial Design Monash University student was recently named Best Tertiary Student in Victoria, and awarded the Premiers Design Award for Self-Initiated Industrial/Product design for her Veggie Patch. With an interest in sustainability concepts, and her specialties lying in illustration, packaging and
industrial design, she is proving to be a major force in the design world. Trendspotting sat down with Jo to discover the inner-workings of such a promising young designer.