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Trendspotting - Your guide to latest trends

26-07-2011 Solar Power: Good on Paper

Researchers at the ' demand for the use of natural, organic woods such as driftwood. The style result: furnishing and margin:0; finishes that are aged and padding:0; untreated. Style aficionados are abandoning the cleanliness of the popular minimalist style and border:0; are seeking something more interesting, according to Germany’s Heimtextil Trends. “People are looking for distinctive individualistic features marked by imperfection, not perfection,” they say. A forerunner in this eco trend is French manufacturer, the Bleu Nature who offer a very unconventional wall made from driftwood. The ends of the wood logs form a relief, much like pixels on a screen. Rustic at its best.

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13-07-2011 To Master the Art of Personal Branding

While online privacy issues have caused a global uproar as of late, a new lifestyle trend shows that more than ever, people are keen to build their image to the nth degree. Personal branding is becoming a necessity, not only for high-profile celebrities, business leaders and outline:0; politicians, but also for the 'average' consumer. Victoria and font-size:100%; David Beckham are the best example for mastering the art of personal branding. With their self-titled empire offering clothing, perfume and vertical-align:baseline; sunglasses, raking in a profit of over £2.2million. Celebrities aside, if you’ve ever searched your name on the web and background:transparent; results reveal your drunken Facebook snaps, perhaps it’s time to reconsider your own personal brand that potential employers will judge you by. Personal portals such as and are new online tools that allow you to create one customisable web page that compiles all your existing online profiles. It seems success is becoming dependent on how well you market yourself, Beckham or not.


06-07-2011 Top 10 Children's Books

Colourful characters come alive in both natural and urban settings in Trendspotting’s selection of the Top 10 Children’s Books for boys and body { girls aged 3-7. Be intrigued by beautiful illustrations and overflow:hidden; imaginative storylines that both kids and parents can enjoy. Click here for full article.

06-07-2011 Interior Design Trend: Paint-On Piles

Here’s a practical solution to rugs that accumulate dust and mites: Faux rugs that are painted on concrete or timber floors. This new design trend sprouted up in Elle Décor magazine and there’s no denying it’s a chic and streamline alternative to a heavy pile. By enlisting an artist to paint permanent ethnic, floral or symmetrical rug-like patterns, your interior space becomes more open – which is exactly what’s been spotted in interior design trends, globally.

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01-07-2011 Urban Gardening Trend: From Japan to Space

An agricultural invention proves that crops can grow in almost any environment, even in space, according to the creator, Dr Yuichi Mori. His futuristic innovation called Imec is a groundbreaking system where seeds are planted in hydro membrane, a cling-film like material. From there, plants develop a network of fine and dense roots closely attached to the material, and then flourish using a mere one fifth of the water consumption needed in conventional soil-based agriculture. Dr Mori claims the method is superior over traditional ones for its production of higher quality crops and eco-friendliness. The system forces plants to regulate more sugar and amino acids making fruit and vegetables sweeter and more nutritious. Its capability of blocking harmful germs and

bacteria means that there is no need for chemical fertilizers and