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28-04-2011 Solar Powered Boats become a Worldwide Eco Trend

We’re versed in the inventions of solar powered land vehicles. But what could be more exposed to solar rays than a boat, gliding along the sea’s troughs, always outdoors or otherwise docked outdoors. Just as well this green trend is becoming rampant offshore. Marine vessels such as the 31 metre long ‘Turanor Planet Solar’, generate energy to propel via solar panels and photovoltaic cells. These are built onto the surfaces of the boats. Energy is also collected to power electric motors and storage batteries used onboard. The year of 2007 saw 5 Swiss sailors pilot a solar powered boat across the Atlantic Ocean in the name of activism for climate change; while Sydney Harbour is preparing for ‘Solar Sailor’, a passenger ferry whose movable wing-like solar panels can also act as sails.

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27-04-2011 Design Trend: Cutting Edge Laser Design

While fine artists are still using their brushes to compose hyper real paintings, graphic designers have the privilege of a growing design trend: the speedy use of lasers to cut sterile clean cuts that are meticulously detailed. Laser cutting works by directing the output of a high-powered laser from a connected computer source to a material. Which materials tolerate this process? It’s almost unlimited. Paper, acrylic, wood, steel, leather, textiles; you name it, in some part of the world, it’s been cut. Traditionally used by industrial manufacturers, the trend has seen a surge in small graphic design businesses creating mouth-dropping masterpieces. Perhaps one day we’ll see lasers take the art world by storm. Horse haired bristles? No thanks.

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19-04-2011 Lifestyle Trends: Scooter Angels

19-04-2011 Eco Trends: Green Shoes Anyone?

19-04-2011 Design Trends: The Bike of the Future

19-04-2011 Eco Design Makes Water Rationing Trendy

What began as minimalist, conceptual design has become an innovative solution to everyday water wastage. It is suggested that we waste 6 litres of water while washing our hands during a 30 second period. Designers, Yonggu Do, Dohyung Kim & Sewon Oh have created an elegantly structured faucet which rations 1 litre of water at a time. Much like a toilet flush or hand dryer, the tap requires some time to refill and the hit of a switch before being able to provide again. Conveniently, users can watch the water refill, making this giant step to water conservation a more enticing one.


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19-04-2011 Cool Fashion Trends turn to Geeks for Inspiration

If you were to walk through Paris' centre back in 2007, you'd have seen many a young, Parisian Brunette sporting oversized Ray-Ban glasses. And they weren't to shelter les yeux from the sun's rays. Since then, geek chic has transcended to all corners of the globe and to all facets of fashion. It has seen the revival of 1960's and 70's optical brands such as Cutler and

Gross in modern, mainstream Optometry practices and

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fashion boutiques. No more do we laugh at the social pariah that is defined by checked shirts and
pants that are 2 sizes too small. Today, we glorify this style and wear those frames, eyesight hindered, or not.


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12-04-2011 DIY Trend: Handmade Heaven

A couple of years ago, market stalls were the place where artists would offer up their handmade products. Now, handcrafted and unique products are fast becoming a phenomenon on the online market. In a society where chain stores churn out items in mass production, it makes sense that more and more people are looking for unique pieces to express their individuality. Etsy, Artfire, and Madeit sell everything from handmade clothes to homewares to jewellery. If you have a knitting, sewing, or crocheting hobby, you should consider making some profit from it on the web. The money is definitely there, with Etsy’s 2010 turnover reaching US $4 billion. If you’re itching to get crafty or don’t know where to start, head to this website for plenty of easy-to-follow tutorials and ideas:

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12-04-2011 Shoe Trend: Green shoes, anyone?

Greenies who care about the environment as well as their style will love the eco world’s latest offering: green shoes. This trend was brought to our attention when we were checking out the prize-winners of the Green Fashion Awards. OAT Shoes are a range of sneakers that are made from entirely biodegradable materials. The designers made sure that OAT shoes will break down once buried or composted. Genius! You may have to wait a bit for your new shoes, as unfortunately, they are not yet available for purchase. We’re also seeing more brands launching recycled shoe ranges. Levi’s has just released a Reused Jean Shoe, which is, as the name suggests, made out of preloved Levi’s jeans. Above+Below London has taken creativity to new heights, using material from old seats on tubes and buses in their collections.

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06-04-2011 Pepsi Plans to Give up Plastic

PepsiCo is set to win the approval of eco consumers with the unveiling of its new bottle made entirely out of plant materials. The bottle is 100 percent recyclable and is made from bio-based raw materials such as switchgrass, pine bark, and corn husks. The company promises that Pepsi, Coke and Gatorade drinkers will not notice any difference in the feel of the bottle. Rocco Papalia, a spokesperson for the brand says that the new bottle looks, feels, and protects the drink exactly the same as the current plastic version. It’s fantastic that PepsiCo has pioneered the creation of a bottle that could significantly reduce its carbon footprint, and hopefully other beverage and container companies follow suit. Now that the announcement has been made, PepsiCo will begin production of its ‘green bottle’ in 2012. If all goes well, this could lead to a full commercialisation of the product. Fingers crossed!

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06-04-2011 The New Social Browser

When it comes to web browsers, there’s already plenty to choose from: Internet Explorer, Safari, Mozilla and Google Chrome. The latest browser to heat up the competition is Rock Melt. Rock Melt aims to make browsing and social networking easier and faster, and allows users to do both at the same time. It was developed with the idea that for many people, online surfing consists of Google and Wikipedia as well as social networking sites. As such, Rock Melt is unique for its seamless integration with Facebook and Twitter. With Rock Melt, content sharing is easier, sites can be scanned quicker, and information searches are speedier. Although it is still in its testing stages, this platform is looking very promising – let’s hope it gets the all clear soon!

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01-04-2011 Win a TOFFEE MacBook Sleeve!

We think that your MacBook deserves a new sleeve! Let us know which trend you liked best so far in 2011 and go into the draw for an awesome leather TOFFEE laptop bag. Send Vik an email on


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01-04-2011 I'll Make Mine a Green Stay, Thanks!

Environmental concerns are progressively more influencing the tourism sector. The latest evidence of this eco trend is the global increase in ‘green’ hotels. ‘Green’ hotels are a great initiative as they cater for eco-aware tourists who want to visit famous places (as opposed to ecotourism, which is based on travelling to untouched locations). “Conscious Hotels”, an Amsterdam hotel chain, are well known for their efforts in making their lodgings as ‘green’ as possible. Among other things, the hotels conserve energy and water, recycle, and use composting methods as well as 100% natural cleaning products. For lists and descriptions of hotels that are promoting stays with an eco conscience, click here.

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