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31-01-2011 Giveaway of the month

Congratulations to Tatayana, she is the body { lucky winner of our Trendspotting 'Forward to a Friend' competition.
For recommending the overflow:hidden; Trendspotting Newsletter to her friends she has won a handmade leather wrap journal worth $99 from Corban & Blair, an Australian company that creates designer stationery that is both stylish and made to last. 

For YOUR next chance to win simply recommend the Trendspotting newsletter to your friends and go into the draw to win a surprise gift. The next winner will be announced on 28 Feb, 2011. 

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27-01-2011 The new towel in town

When you think of bamboo, you probably think of a tall leafy plant that is only useful for building. As it turns out, bamboo is used in a myriad of other ways. Here at Trendspotter we have been learning about the benefits of bamboo bath towels, and now we understand why there is such a large market for them. Most of us use cotton bath towels, but we think it might be time to make the switch to bamboo. Bamboo is a tough and durable plant whose fibres make for strong, soft, luxurious-feeling towels. It is naturally hypoallergenic, which is great for sensitive skin. The towels are also super absorbent. Best of all, bamboo is a very environmentally-friendly resource. Bamboo towels are available online and at linen stores. Buy some and dry off every day feeling good about the environment. 


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24-01-2011 Brighten up your home

Who would have thought lampshades could be so interesting? Combine a simple lampshade with two creative designers from the Sunshine Coast and