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Trendspotting - Your guide to latest trends

28-05-2009 The Only Bag you'll ever need

Is it from the Sixties? Is it worth $60? Is it 60 years old? The answer is no. The 60 Bag gets its name from being a biodegradable carrier bag made out of flax-viscose non-woven fabric that only takes 60 days to decompose naturally. Thanks to the flax fiber industrial waste material, the bag doesn’t use up natural resources and takes up minimal energy during production. Fast, effective and in a variety of designs, styles and sizes to rival your average Woolies green bag among others (which are produced with polypropylene material). This Polish product is anticipated to inspire others in the design of their eco-friendly products.


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27-05-2009 Bigger than the Internet?

What fancy invention could be hailed by Steve Jobs as ´bigger than the PC´ and quite possibly also ´bigger than the internet´?
The aptly named Segway is a kind of self balancing scooter created by Dean Kamen and it will take you anywhere you want to go. It’s designed to mimic the human body's ability to maintain its balance and is predicted to replace cars and other forms of transport. Riding around for one full day will only set you back 00.5 USD, taking up minimal electricity, however to buy a Segway you may need to sell an organ, at $6000 USD per piece.
Naturally there is controversy because it seems to replace walking and

tries to imitate the human mind as well as encourage laziness. But at the same time the Segway is gaining popularity and

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more people are expressing interest in buying something that is fun, different and practical. It’s only a matter of time before we start seeing ad campaigns pleading that we ´don’t drink and Segway´.

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25-05-2009 We're Sustainable, Right down to our Underwear

Go beneath the surface and you’ll find more than Granny style pants and uncomfortable bra support. Green lingerie is sexy without trying too hard, using completely natural fabrics that are free of toxins so your skin (and your partner) will love you for it. The latest trend is not only about re-using beautiful fabrics that already exist, but also considering the environment with soft, sustainable fabrics like natural silk, bamboo and organic cotton. Designers like Stella McCartney are now leading the trend and although their prices might set you back a bit, the results are gorgeous, earth-friendly keepsakes that can be handed down for generations. If you don’t believe us when we say how sexy they are, check out the likes of Enamore with their raunchy Jezebelle range and other brands like Urban Fox and the Oko Box.


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21-05-2009 Mirror, mirror on my wall

They’re a great household item to have but TV’s can sometimes look like eyesores if they’re big and chunky. Ox-Home has found a way to fix this dilemma, with their multi-functioning TV/Mirror. A LCD television when it’s switched on, this cutting-edge creation turns into a reflective mirror when in stand-by mode, providing an aesthetic harmony in the house whether it’s on or off. This innovative idea, which is also technologically advanced, is sure to prove popular in the future.

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21-05-2009 One for all

Equality between the sexes is reaching new heights, with unisex fashion hitting the streets. For instance, for the girl who wishes to be comfortable there are the so-called boyfriend jeans, seen on women around the world. Clothes aren’t the only fashionable items going unisex however, with accessories like STORM Unisex watches and Ray-Ban’s aviator sunglasses, or fragrances such as Calvin Klein’s popular CK ONE, also going the one for all way. Sharing seems to definitely be the new fad.



15-05-2009 Drink for the future

Re-usable eco-friendly water bottles are the newest way that you can help the environment’s future. Hygienic, durable and leak-proof, these 100% recyclable bottles are perfect for all types of beverages, whether it be water, juice or soft drink. Companies such as SIGG and Klean Kanteen have created the non-toxic and dishwasher-safe containers. A number of designs are available, as well as bottles for kids, so the whole family can get on board. The future of the environment depends on us, so help by grabbing one of these cool and classy canteens.


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15-05-2009 Grunge is good

The nineties are definitely back, with the so-called anti-fashion movement of the period, grunge, featuring on catwalks around the globe. Flannels, leather and liberty prints are back on the market, and blazers have also risen again. Known for the overlapping of clothes featuring contradictory trends, grunge is being re-vitalized by people such as British model Jamie Burke, as well as appearing in designer Alexander Wang’s latest Fall/Winter collection. It seems the nineties are back for good.


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15-05-2009 USB's in Style

Brighten up your work desk and day, and be technologically fashionable, with a quirkily designed USB stick. The idea is taking the technological world by storm, with a number of cute and appealing designs existing and featuring on websites such as Yanko Design. by amt has taken the idea beyond everyday products, with designs featuring the style of Victorian keys, whilst Vicky Wei has created a Memory Loop USB, with more memory space provided. It seems technology and fashionable designs are the way of the future.


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