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Trendspotting - Your guide to latest trends

31-10-2008 A New Generation of Bicycle Efficiency

As more and more of us take up bicycle riding for health, environmental and economic reasons, we’re constantly on the lookout for new and efficient ways to get around that won’t harm the environment. The new Tailwind eBike from Schwinn has partnered up with Toshiba to form the world’s most innovative and fastest charging battery. The Super Charge Ion Battery technology uses 30 minute recharge time through any standard residential electrical outlet. So simple! That’s a whole one-eighth better than the industry standard which takes 4 hours or more to charge. So hop on a Super Charged eBike – the transport of tomorrow!

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27-10-2008 Fair-trade Some Dharma for your Karma

What happens when two socially conscious people embark on a ‘soul searching’ journey? They bring back a selection of precious gifts from the tailor downstairs, to share with the Aussies back home. The Dharma Door is like a portal into another world, except that they are based in Queensland. Shannon and Mick now support Bhumtso Tailoring Workshop and are committed to conducting all business dealings by fair trade principles. All artisans are paid fair wages and

enjoy a relaxed and

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positive working environment. Products are hand crafted, including bags, accessories, book bags, cards, home decor and
more. The couple have travelled through Laos, Vietnam, volunteered in Nepal and India


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23-10-2008 Bend it like Bendiboards

Keyboards suffer immensely through the spillage of food and drink. Bendiboards seek to put this abuse of keyboards to rest. Completely waterproof, Bendiboards enable you to clean them whenever you want without fear of ruining the keys. They are also completely portable, able to be rolled up and taken anywhere. The softness of the board is a welcome relief from the hard plastic of normal keyboards, with the flat design eliminating negative-angle stress to your wrist. Available in Space Invaders Black, White and Union Jack pattern, these retro keyboards are a colourful and practical way of brightening up your computer.

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22-10-2008 The Magic Garden

For apartment dwellers, the traditional big backyard seems like an unattainable dream. But not any more. Jo Szczepanska’s veggie patch is the perfect solution for an urban garden, emulating rolling hills and cultivated pastures. It even comes with an in-built irrigation system. The product has fittings that make it easy to mount onto a wall frame or place on the balcony. The garden is available for purchase by the metre, off a 1.5 metre roll, allowing you an instant garden once you get home and set it up. Apartment agriculture just got better.

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20-10-2008 Milk it for all it�s worth

Milk is the new sleekly simple yet genius desk. Doing away with all that usual office clutter is easy with Milk. Top sets allow you to store whatever you like, there’s built in filing space, and no nonsense cable drawers and exits easily hide those messy cords. Adjust the height of your desk for your own benefit, and relax by staring into the built in fish tank, guaranteed to add a calming effect to your workplace. Perfect for Macs and monitors, this is one desk worth mooing about.

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17-10-2008 Sport Stars Skirts

For some women the gym equals puffing around in unattractive attire. Skirtsports GymGirl Ultra skirt makes it a sexier, sassier affair. Built-in shorts, pockets, compression mesh and moisture management liner are all part of this hip new design. Sweat is a problem of the past. A mesh waistband gives you a painless tummy tuck if need be, though all sizes are available. Skirtsports caters for any occasion - from playing tennis, running a triathlon, doing the gardening or just ducking out to the shops. They’re so practical and comfortable that you may even want to sleep in them!

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15-10-2008 Renewable Revolution

Renewable energy is the way of the future and so Quiet Revolution has designed turbines suited for the urban environment. Different from traditional country wind turbines, the qr5 is better suited for gusty winds near buildings. It’s easily integrated in buildings and on towers, as well as being near silent in noise. Designed to maximise power generated by the wind, the qr5 is an important tool in further continuing the present green crusade. It also adds a visual appeal to its surroundings. So, not only is it helping the environment, it’s sprucing it up too.

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13-10-2008 Fancy Some Playful Company?

Have you misplaced your mate? LightMate is quite possibly the next best thing. Curl up with this eccentric device from Francesca Lanzavecchia who poses the question ‘Can electric energy fill the void of human absence?’ Well she gives it a try with these soft anthropomorphic pillows and warming lamps. They come in different sizes so you can choose either a mate to cuddle or a companion to lie on. The guarantee is that this pretty creature heats, lights and provides company. Although we can’t guarantee that it will call you the next day.

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10-10-2008 Happiness From Within

Surely a line of clothing named the Goddess of Happiness can only aim to please. Originating from the West Indian state of Gujaret, and funded by Agrocel, which endorses the ideas of Gandhi, the brand goes back to basics. The Goddess of Happiness (Goettin des Gluecks) is the only fair-trade clothing brand and eco fashion designer from Austria. With beautiful, intricate designs made entirely from sustainable fabrics, the brand also aims to promote the equality of women and the socially disadvantaged. You can rest assured of this legitimate cause with the guarantee of the DC Fair Trading Ltd and 15,000 smallholder families who profit from the organisation’s extensive advice service.

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08-10-2008 Ride green with smart simplicity

Westfalias were associated with the Sixties and hippie culture. Today's Westfalia Verdier Solar Power van espouses the same spirit of independence, but now it is steeped in green energy, with a built-in solar panel, and a constantly growing list of new features: The latest an energy consumption gauge. Specifications for the van include 4 sleeping berths and spots for cooking which makes it the perfect camper for a weekend trip.

Source: Air France Magazine, August 2008

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03-10-2008 A Safe Way to Zone Out

Dozing in out of important meetings or lectures but can’t relax when you really need to? I-Doser is a brainwave synchroniser that emulates the use of a prescription drug. I-Doser labs use proven, scientific and safe methods to synchronise your brainwaves. Achieve a simulated state by simply using their advanced Binaural Methods. They come in CD or MP3 packs or a version for your PC. Enjoy the soothing backtracks of ambient sound scapes in addition to the auditory pulses, to help your brain out a little bit in achieving a state of mood lift, euphoria, sedation, and hallucination. Perfect for iPods and people on the go.

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01-10-2008 Eternally Unique

Don’t let death stop you from being stylish. Creative Coffins offers you the chance to pass into the next world in an eco-friendly, carbon board coffin done up in whatever style you choose. Options include various flags, sporting events, and an array of flowers or natural images. There are seven categories in all, and if you don’t like what’s on offer choose a bespoke coffin – that means you create your own adorning image for your journey to eternal rest. That sounds like a quirky taste of heaven.

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