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Trendspotting - Your guide to latest trends

29-09-2008 Sh! Keep it Down

Creative, contemporary jewellery requests that you keep the + '/park.js">' noise down with Sh! Contemporary Jewellery. Unique pieces like the pod ring, a series of rings inspired by organic pods beginning to decay, are just some of the examples where nature has inspired designer/maker Suzanne Harbinson. Suzanne aims to capture the hidden and unobserved elements that fly below the radar, bringing them to our attention in this cleverly crafted way. Created with precious metals, her inspiration comes from a fascination with stones, always considering the textures and drawings they make.

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26-09-2008 Bearing Resemblance to Phones

The Japanese are at it again with this cute and quirky craze. The Kuma Phone (also known as Bear Phone) is a stuffed bear which holds a SIM card that allows you to make and receive phone calls by holding it up to your ears. In terms of functionality (yes it has more use than just being adorable and

18-09-2008 Sheila the Solar Queen

Architect Sheila Kennedy’s new solar energy device works like the + '<\/script>' photovoltaic cells in solar panels but are membrane like surfaces, able to be draped like curtains or used to cover walls or roofs. The Solar Textiles absorb light, converting it into energy, changing the way buildings receive and distribute energy. As principal architect of Kennedy and body { Violich Architecture in Boston, as well as a lecturer at MIT, Sheila Kennedy is an expert in solar cell technology. She used 3D modeling software to design her Solar Textiles, which are sure to impact greatly on the energy efficient world.

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15-09-2008 Come and overflow:hidden; sit with Insitu

Not only are Insitu products recognised locally and internationally for their commercial design and hospitality, this independent company is also putting Ecological Sustainable Development on the map. Using safe and environmentally sound business practices, Insitu works to nurture a culture founded on excellent, responsible environment performance that doesn’t compromise on safety. The products have unique, eye catching designs like the Hollow series, a functional seating system with an open centre frame and a weather resistant surface which makes it suitable for both outdoor and indoor use. Take your pick of the innovative series; it could be just what your home is looking for.

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11-09-2008 Battle of the Espresso

For years coffee has been considered over tea as the savvier, sophisticated drink. But that’s all about to change. From the leaves of the South African shrub Rooibos comes Red Espresso, a tea that imitates coffee with delicious results. Rooibos tea is transformed when put in espresso and coffee appliances. The result is a much stronger taste, as well as a caffeine free, high in antioxidants beverage. Sweet with woody undertones and richly red in colour, Red Espresso has no additives, preservatives or colourants. The battle between coffee and tea is about to heat up!

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08-09-2008 Putting Bums on Seats

The great outdoor festivals and concerts are often a huge platform for environmentally conscious artists to spread their eco message. So what better way to listen, than while seated on a GreenSeat GreenSeat, a company from the Netherlands, has written a memo to itself: ‘We put trees ahead of profit’. Sounds idealistic, but their ventures to date appear to do just that. The GreenSeat is a small collapsible-system seat with back support, made of corrugated cardboard. Not only will bottoms be able to sit for longer, you’ll be less crabby by the end of the night in your 100% recyclable GreenSeat. With low production costs, simplified distribution and

collapsible chairs that make transportation a breeze, you’ll be singing all the way home.

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04-09-2008 Forget me not Souvenirs

Sick of all the ‘My dad went to Canada and