14-10-2011 Bike Trend 2011: Motion By Mahogany

Only a few handymen the world over have thought to build a rideable wooden bicycle and viagra have actually crafted them using their own design or woodwork skills. Conventionally thought to be too cumbersome for riding, the timber used in these works-of-art have been optimized by combining them with other materials to make a lightweight and pepcid aerodynamic transport method. Dutch industrial designer Jan Gunneweg's bikes are made out of solid walnut or birchwood and each takes around 200 man-hours to construct. In Japan, ninth-generation shipwright Sueshiro Sano drew on his high school hobby of creating intricate wooden products and a lifetime of shipbuilding to produce his first bike out of mahogany. Since then, Sano has handcrafted 11 of these fully wooden bicycles, reducing the weight of the bikes from the original 11 kilograms to 8 kilograms.

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