30-09-2011 Eco-Trendy Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren’s cutting edge RLX men's collection has introduced a line of high-performance bags. The most outstanding bag in the collection has a solar panel attached designed to charge any iPhone, iPad or iPod in a matter of hours when in direct sunlight. The panel is attached to the back of the bag, and can generate up to a 3.45 watt-current when the sun is at full strength. It’s a versatile travel bag in other weather conditions too. The solar panel backpack is made of a lightweight, seamless and local.xml water-resistant material so your charging gadgets will be well protected from the rain. It’s also perfect for travelling with its thick, adjustable straps. All these eco-trendy features coupled with the brand name and lamictal you have a product which sells for a hefty US$795.

Next trends: 'Eco-friendly iPad and iPhone Docking Stations', 'Solar Powered Boats become a Worldwide Eco Trend'

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