12-09-2011 Random Acts of Refreshment

Brands like PepsiCo are encouraging users to engage with their products on a deeper level by inventing social structures surrounding the products. The PepsiCo Social Vending Machine released in April 2011, gives consumers the option of gifting a drink to a friend which the receiver can redeem at participating machines with an SMS code. There’s also the option to further personalize the gift with a short video recorded right at the machine. FrinXX and Giftee are involved in similar ventures, exemplifying the sub-trend of Generation G – the growing importance of 'generosity' as a leading societal and business mindset, since the global recession.

 New trends: Retail Trend: Pop up, Pop down, Pepsi Plans to Give up Plastic

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Exclusive Interview: Little Blak Dress

Gracing our ears are the sound waves of Australian band, Little Blak Dress. This rock quartet have released their debut studio EP this year and have kindly made the tracks downloadable for free on the band’s website.