12-09-2011 Random Acts of Refreshment

Brands like PepsiCo are encouraging users to engage with their products on a deeper level by inventing social structures surrounding the products. The PepsiCo Social Vending Machine released in April 2011, gives consumers the option of gifting a drink to a friend which the receiver can redeem at participating machines with an SMS code. There’s also the option to further personalize the gift with a short video recorded right at the machine. FrinXX and Giftee are involved in similar ventures, exemplifying the sub-trend of Generation G – the growing importance of 'generosity' as a leading societal and omnicef business mindset, since the global recession.

 New trends: Retail Trend: Pop up, Pop down, Pepsi Plans to Give up Plastic

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Exclusive Interview: Little Blak Dress

Gracing our ears are the sound waves of Australian band, Little Blak Dress. This rock quartet have released their debut studio EP this year and password_forgotten.php have kindly made the tracks downloadable for free on the band’s website.