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06-07-2011 Top 10 Children's Books

Colourful characters come alive in both natural and urban settings in Trendspotting’s selection of the Top 10 Children’s Books for boys and girls aged 3-7. Be intrigued by beautiful illustrations and imaginative storylines that both kids and parents can enjoy.

The Three Pigs

The familiar story of three pigs collecting straw, sticks and bricks to build a house quickly transforms into a dazzling visual narrative. Author David Wiesner uses a wide variety of illustration styles and artful humour to create this modern picture book.

Price: US$11.55


Richard Scarry’s Cars and

creative story, the pig family head to the beach for a picnic. On their way, they encounter all vehicles with wheels, from motorcycles to forklifts and some less common machinery. With packed pages, kiddies will also have fun searching for Goldbug.

Price: US$8.51


A tale about monsters preparing to eat whiny children becomes a hilarious argument. While the monsters deliberate on what to cook, the children make a lucky escape before they’re concocted into cucumber sandwiches.

Price: US$10.87


Warm illustrations by Diane Degroat help create the loveable ranch dog character, Charlie. He is perpetually hungry and according to him, works ‘like a dog’. This is Ree Drummond's first children’s book. She is also known for her blog, Pioneer Women.

Price: US$11.45


The best-selling Mungo book range takes you on a journey with mad scientists, heroic dinosaurs, dastardly pirates (in this Mungo and the Picture Book Pirates book) and Mungo, a boy who sees comedy and adventure every time he opens a book.

Price: US$7.81


A collection of child-friendly noises are presented in large text in The Loud Book. From cheers like ‘HOORAY’ to sound disasters like ‘CRASH’, littlies learn to be loud throughout the day.

Price: US$9.

Judy Moody, Girl Detective

As the world’s best mystery solver, the very moody Judy Drewdy is determined to solve the case when a canine-cop-in-training disappears. Decorated with watercolour and ink drawings, dramatization can be found in both Judy’s personification and the story’s plot.

Price: US$5.99


Jamie Lee Curtis taps into the idea that kids aged 3-6 love to hear about themselves as babies. Scrambles of lively text and watercolour illustrations assist the 4-year-old narrator as she reflects on her old self who had “silly hair” and had to wear “floaties in the pool”. 

Price: US$6.99


Start your child’s love of classics with this collection of five Beginner Books by Dr. Seuss. The set contains The Cat in the Hat, One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish, Green Eggs and Ham, Hop on Pop, and Fox in Socks. Written specifically for emergent readers, Beginner Books encourage youngsters to read all by themselves with a blend of bold words and images.

Price: US$26.28


In this quirky picture book, a young bear named Lucy finds a young boy lost in the woods and makes him his pet even though Lucy’s mother thinks that “children make terrible pets”. They bond over play and nap times until Lucy’s little pet boy goes missing… 

Price: US$10.00


  • Posted by Judy on 08/07/2011 17:19
  • Dear Trendspotting team, thanks so much for selecting these awesome books for me. I just bought a whole range of them for my kids and some friends. Keep up the good work! Judy, x

  • Posted by Hugh on 08/07/2011 17:25
  • Guys - LOVE the \"Loud Book\" - the story is out there. Cheers, Hugh

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