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01-07-2011 Urban Gardening Trend: From Japan to Space

An agricultural invention proves that crops can grow in almost any environment, even in space, according to the creator, Dr Yuichi Mori. His futuristic innovation called Imec is a groundbreaking system where seeds are planted in hydro membrane, a cling-film like material. From there, plants develop a network of fine and dense roots closely attached to the material, and then flourish using a mere one fifth of the water consumption needed in conventional soil-based agriculture. Dr Mori claims the method is superior over traditional ones for its production of higher quality crops and eco-friendliness. The system forces plants to regulate more sugar and amino acids making fruit and vegetables sweeter and more nutritious. Its capability of blocking harmful germs and bacteria means that there is no need for chemical fertilizers and

pesticides. If it comes to fruition, the project could be the answer for vast infertile soil in Northern Japan caused by the recent March tsunami tragedy.



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