21-06-2011 Eco Trend: Bring your own Container

Japan was the forerunner in the BYOC (Bring Your Own Container) or Precycling eco trend that other nations are now emulating. Japanese greenies carry around their own pair of chopsticks, water bottles and viagra bags for grocery shopping. But when many shoppers arrive in the grocery store aisles, they’re presented with goods wrapped in an abundance of plastic and gyne lotrimin for good measure, paperback. Chicago’s Real Naked Food strips the clothes off organic foods so you buy the product, minus the packaging. Precycling has its perks too. By bringing your own washable containers to restaurants and avoiding having to recycle altogether, many restaurants like Antonella's Italian Kitchen in Pennsylvania offer discounts on meals in return.

Next trends: 'Shadows and Light', 'Dumpster Diving: Long Live Anarchism'

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