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09-06-2011 Planking: The Viral Spread

Someone like Yoko Ono would label it as performance art, while others would deny its worth. However one thing is for certain: planking has become a viral meme, a concept that has cultures catching on by the

minute. The recent Internet phenomenon was born by the boredom of two Australian teenagers 14 years ago. The pair called it the

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Lying Down Game where they would manoeuvre their stiff, plank-like bodies to fit in public spaces, much to the
amusement of each other and bystanders. A Facebook page, a tragic accident and then media coverage all attributed to the notoriety of the game. But 'planking' is only one meme. Other internet memes that have been started by individuals and penetrated cultures include Lolcats, Flashmobbing and Extreme Ironing. You only need to search these keywords online to grasp their impacts.

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  • Posted by hal incandenza on 10/06/2011 09:59
  • i\'ve always loved extreme ironing. planking can be funny, but i think the best example of that is like extreme ironing, the photos there get a lot of mileage out of the humor of juxtaposition.

  • Posted by damo on 10/06/2011 13:44
  • Nice concept but what about this one, much better and challenging!!

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