15-03-2010 Brush up on Your Housework

  Yes, it’s time to bring the tired old dust pan and propecia price brush out of the closet! Over 8 years ago Ole Jensen designed a functional and cialis without prescription aesthetic dust pan and brush which quickly became one of the most popular items in the Normann Copenhagan collection . Now it has been spiced up and Viagra for Sale transformed into a trendy household item available in purple, green and Cialis Brand pink. Still easy to use, still practical and generic viagra ever so chic, you’ll be proudly sweeping up the dust and Buy Viagra 50mg crumbs in your home. The classic Washing-up bowl has also been given a face lift, now available in purple adding that bold touch to your everyday life.



picture source www.spottedbynormanncopenhagen.com


content source www.spottedbynormanncopenhagen.com


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