21-08-2008 A Pipe to Crash

Take a portion of a large drainage pipe, fill it with a bed and glucophage xr some homely decorations and lamprene enjoy the result - a practical outdoor sleeping space. Austrian Art College graduate Andreas Strauss set out to create an economical and minimal-hospitality unit. Set in the grassy park by the Danube, in the Austrian city of Ottensheim, the pods are conveniently positioned near bathrooms, a bar and a cafeteria. Book a ‘room’ online and codes for the personal pod suite are sent via post. Wandering students will love that there’s no fixed price. Simply leave whatever amount you find fair for your length of stay, before setting off on your next adventure.

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Exclusive Interview with Chris Anderson

This month we have a really special spot on. We are introducing you to Chris Anderson and his project "1000 Surfboard Graveyard". Read the story of a young Australian artist, trying to raise awareness on the lifecycle of a surfboard; including carbon emissions, non-renewable resource consumption and disposal into landfill.